Market volatility has impacted the pricing of all assets, including bulk annuities which have become more affordable for those already holding gilts and less affordable for those holding equities. Our specialist risk transfer team examine what has happened to pricing, the views of leading insurers and will provide practical tips for those considering buyout and bulk annuity exercises. Jane Kola, ARC Pensions will join us to provide a legal perspective.

Topics covered will include:

  • How many insurers will quote? Can making life easier for insurers mean more quotes and can “near-same-day” reporting be used to help trustees?
  • Is pricing cheap at the moment? Where should schemes be investing if they wish to reduce the chance of losing ground versus insurer pricing?
  • Where is the evidence of pricing? Getting information from members. Marital surveys and member profile information, is it possible to quickly and efficiently get the information the insurers need?
  • Legal trends to watch out for. Focusing on the big issues, sharing benefit specifications, holes in “all-risks” cover and tackling the risk of overshooting (over contributing) on full scheme buyouts

Date:  24 June

Time: 3pm to 4pm

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