Our recent work on GMP equalisation projects reveals:

  • ​    Some pensioners could be owed as much as £32,000​    ​
  • ​    Over half of schemes owe individual pensioners £10,000    
  • ​    At least one pensioner in every scheme is owed a minimum of £500 

It is vital to ensure GMP equalisation is firmly on the agenda this year, to get these payments paid to members promptly.

Join us for our webcast ‘Let’s get GMP Equalisation Done - Update' where we will share our experience so far of working with over 100 schemes in simplifying GMP equalisation.

Our team of experts will also share:

  • ​practical steps for schemes to deal with the requirement to equalise historic transfers from the recent supplementary judgement;​ ​​
  • practical steps to locate and communicate with deferred members and;​ ​
  • share our latest insights on how schemes can approach this additional part of the GMP project effectively and efficiently

Date:  24 Feb

Time: 3pm to 4pm

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2021 will be the year to get ready for upcoming new rules from the Government and Regulator on setting pension strategy. Our webinar will focus on the how to prepare and take the lead on setting the right pension strategy for your business.

Date:  3 March

Time: 3pm to 4.15pm

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2020 will see great changes in actuarial valuations, with significant differences in the regulatory background, the economic environment, demographic projections and, potentially, sponsor covenants.

Trustees and sponsors will need to consider their approaches from first principles to come to a mutually satisfactory position on valuations.

This webcast will give trustees and sponsors the principles and insights to apply to their valuations to ensure an optimal process and outcome.

The key topics covered will include:

  • Details of the new regulatory guidance, including consideration of the Pensions Regulator’s proposed new funding framework and the potential impact of a “Fast Track or Bespoke” approach for pension schemes.
  • Understanding the potential impact of COVID-19, both economically and demographically, on your scheme and how to choose demographic valuation assumptions and consider alternative contingent options in light of this uncertainty.
  • An overview of the economic environment, the purpose of journey planning and why it needs to happen at the beginning of the valuation process and how to consider whether COVID-19 should impact on your investment strategy and hence valuation.
  • An update from our specialist covenant team on reviewing covenant strength in the light of the challenges presented by COVID-19, and some practical points on how to gather and interpret relevant information, and build this into your funding solution.

Date:  11 March

Time: 3pm to 4.15pm

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Two half-day Online Courses : 9am to 12pm via Zoom

For Trustees of defined benefit schemes

It is now over thirteen years since the Trustee Knowledge and Understanding (TKU) requirements were introduced. Since then the range of topics that trustees need to understand has become much wider, with increased regulation, an ever greater choice of asset classes and investment approaches and additional governance considerations for trustees. 

The course is aimed at the trustees of defined benefit (DB) schemes and is intended to provide the background knowledge to enable trustees to understand the advice given to them and make informed decisions. It is designed for new trustees and as a refresher for more experienced trustees.

The course will cover:

  • Introduction to pension schemes: the parties involved in pension schemes and some of the legislative background to pensions.
  • Trusts and trusteeship: the roles and responsibilities of trustees and key trustee powers and discretions.  Includes the opportunity for a Q&A with a pensions lawyer.
  • Introduction to scheme funding and investment: the types of actuarial valuations and the Pensions Regulator's expectations for funding pension schemes, different asset classes and their associated risks and rewards, and the key principles in setting an investment strategy.
  • Managing a pension scheme: preparing for a typical trustee meeting and key governance and whistleblowing requirements.

Price: £295+VAT

​​Time: 09:00 to 12:00 on each day

Venue: Via Zoom

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