Equality & Diversity

We value diversity and believe that equality strengthens our organisation to better serve our clients and enable our people to realise their full potential.

As a result, we are fully committed to ensuring that all our employees, clients, suppliers and job applicants are treated fairly and with respect, irrespective of their actual or assumed background including gender, sexual orientation, marital status, age, race, religion/belief or disability. This we do to ensure a working environment in which people are able to give of their best, free from harassment, discrimination or bullying.

We recognise the value that people from diverse backgrounds can bring to our business. Our policies and practices seek to eliminate unlawful and unfair discrimination, fulfil our legal obligations and promote business wellbeing to support better outcomes for the company and our employees.

We have a strategic ambition to improve the diversity of our workforce, particularly in senior positions and we have a number of initiatives in place to support this, including providing staff with regular training on diversity and establishing a Diversity Working Group to look at ways to improve all aspects of diversity across the business.

Our key principles are:

  • To provide an environment free from discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation of any kind
  • To treat all employees openly and with respect
  • To foster innovation and further strengthen our market position and employee relations
  • To treat any behaviour resulting in unfavourable treatment of staff, customers or other stakeholders as a matter for potential disciplinary action
  • To ensure that decisions on recruitment, selection, training, promotion and career development are based solely on objective and job-related criteria (e.g. experience, knowledge and skills) and the more positive commercial benefits of a diverse workforce
  • To ensure all actions taken are fair and reasonable
  • To comply with our statutory responsibilities

For more information, please read our Diversity and Inclusion Policy.