COVID-19 | Male deaths twice that of females below age 65

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A graph published by the ONS caught my eye today (I won’t tell you which group I fall into!). If you look at the overall number of deaths in England & Wales where COVID-19 is listed on the death certificate, some 55% are male. But that’s clearly not telling the whole story. It is skewed by more deaths for females in the 85 years and over group because women live longer and there are more women than men in that age group; moreover, older ages are associated with more deaths. At lower ages the figures are stark. In the 45 to 64 year age band, twice as many men have died from COVID-19 as women and it is broadly the same picture in the 65-74 year age band.

Where a pension scheme is male dominated as many are, trustees and sponsors should be aware if their members in these age groups have the underlying health conditions associated with COVID-19 deaths. If yes, they should check whether their data is accurate by adding mortality screening services, and model longevity in combination with the investment impact in various pandemic scenarios as part of their risk management plans. Our analysis indicates shortening longevity could increase funding levels by up to 5% in the most adverse pandemic scenarios.

There were more deaths involving COVID-19 among males than females up to 24 July 2020

Provisional deaths in England and Wales involving COVID-19 registered up to 24 July 2020, by age group and sex


Source: ONS - Deaths registered weekly in England and Wales

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