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XPS PensionsTalk 2023 | Day 5 | The new pensions landscape for employers

XPS PensionsTalk 2023 | Day 5 | The new pensions landscape for employers

1 December | Friday | 3 pm - 4 pm

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We are delighted to announce we will be joined by Jennifer Doran, Senior Director, Global Retirement Benefits at Thermo Fisher Scientific and Naz Peralta, Partner and Head of Pensions Centre of Excellence at KPMG.

Over the past 18 months there has been huge change in the pensions landscape. With funding levels at their highest for years, many schemes are looking at their endgame options.

Whilst insurance transactions are expected to be the most common option for most schemes, recent shifts in Government policy mean that alternative endgame options for DB schemes could become more attractive - for example, running on to generate additional value for members, employees and the sponsor themselves.

The new funding and investment regime is also expected to come into force in 2024, and will have a significant impact on how employers need to think about their covenant. 

And with ever increasing levels of audit scrutiny over pensions accounting, it’s critical that employers understand the accounting implications of the range of strategies and proactively engage with scheme trustees before committing to any decisions.

Our panel of pensions, covenant and accounting experts will explain what all this change means for your business and your financial statements.

In this webcast, we will discuss: 

•    The endgame options available to employers.
•    What these options mean for your financial statements.
•    How the new funding regime will change how you present your employer covenant.
•    How you can bring this all together into a coherent strategy.

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