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Meet Paul Cuff and Ben Bramhall

Meet Paul Cuff and Ben Bramhall

XPS are a company that does everything pensions. We help companies design fantastic pension schemes for their employees. We help trustees make sure those promises are delivered on. We provide Actuarial advice and investment advice doing a lot of financial modelling and we deal with the actual human beings in each of these pension schemes, on a day-to-day basis doing the administration as well.

We have an incredibly important societal purpose, and that's about looking after the members of pension schemes and making sure they get everything they need. And we use technology wherever we can to provide better solutions to our clients, which really helps them understand what's going on in their pension scheme and how they can improve things for the future.

We also innovate on a more human level. I'm extremely proud of the anti-scam protection service that we have that involves speaking to individual members of pension schemes to make sure that they're properly protected. Our clients tell us they love working with us because we're collaborative. We're very relationship-led. We're very easy to deal with.

What makes us different is our people and our culture. We have brilliant people who care massively about what they do, and we win awards for our culture. We've got around 1,500 people across the UK, and we serve around 1,500 pension schemes and administer the benefits for around a million members

At XPS, training and development for our people is absolutely mission critical. It ties back to our core value of being an ambitious firm. We're ambitious for our people to be all that they can be. Happy staff translates into great client service; happy clients translates into a successful business. It's very important to XPS that we always do the right thing and that is a core value. We want to create a culture where everyone belongs and feels that they can reach their full potential.

Businesses that are diverse and inclusive actually just produce better outcomes for all their stakeholders. We've embraced flexibility: My XPS, My Choice has been fantastically welcomed by our staff. 95% of our staff think we're a great place to work. We have a wide range of sustainability targets, whether that's what we do on pension scams to increase protections for everyone or what we do with clients to ensure they're thinking about ESG factors when they invest their assets. As a business, we have a really clear role in society, and we want to contribute positively. We're proud that we're already a carbon-neutral business. We do the right thing is ultimately our core value, and that drives the decisions we make on a day-to-day basis. We're always putting members first.

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