Commercial and pragmatic pensions advice in corporate transactions

Transactions and other major events in the life of a company have the potential to significantly impact on the security of members’ pension benefits.

We provide specialist advice in such situations, focussed on achieving fair outcomes that balance the needs of all stakeholders.

Setting the right strategy

We help our clients to assess and design pension strategies that support corporate transactions while protecting members. We find options to make deals happen. We do this quickly and can assess options live in real time using our proprietary interactive technology, Radar.

The defined benefit pensions environment is expected to undergo significant changes in the next year or so, which include:

  • additional responsibilities for directors, who could be exposed to new sanctions;
  • requirements to notify the Pensions Regulator of planned corporate events much sooner in the process, along with requirements to notify a wider range of events such as asset sales and refinancing;
  • an updated code of practice for scheme funding; and
  • new strengthened powers for the Pensions Regulator.

There are also more options for discharging liabilities with continuing growth and innovation in the risk transfer market. All of this will impact on pricing defined benefit pensions in transactions and the right strategy for buyers and sellers.

Executing the deal

Having set the pension strategy in a transaction, it is critical that the deal can be executed with all relevant risks assessed and reflected. Our specialist transactions team is supported by over 400 pension actuaries and our technical research and support teams. This allows us to give clear and up to date advice on pension risks.

We have a wealth of experience covering all aspects of deals, from providing detailed financial due diligence and advising on the impact of recent developments to negotiating with the various stakeholders, including pension scheme trustees and the Pensions Regulator.

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