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Business model

XPS Group is a leading UK consulting and administration business specialising in the pensions and insurance sectors. A FTSE 250 company, XPS combines expertise and insight with advanced technology and analytics to address the needs of over 1,400 pension schemes and their sponsoring employers on an ongoing and project basis.

We undertake pensions administration for over one million members and provide advisory services to schemes and corporate sponsors in respect of schemes of all sizes, including 88 with assets over £1bn.

We also provide wider ranging support to insurance companies in the life and bulk annuities sector.

Our resources

Our people

Experts in their fields, our people drive the business. They’re the innovators, the problem-solvers and the forward-thinkers and that’s why we invest in them.

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Our culture

Employee-centric, inclusive, friendly and meritocratic – our culture empowers our business.


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Our technology

Our innovative technology is the enabler behind the solutions we deliver, providing real-time updates for trustees and corporate sponsors.

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Our financial strength

We are consistently profitable with the financial resources to invest in the development of services to anticipate client needs.

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Our competitive advantage

Specialist insight and expertise

Our team of experts bring deep knowledge and experience to the table.

Exceptional quality service and tailored solutions

We pride ourselves on delivering a quality service. Whether it’s administration, consulting or investment-related services, we tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our culture

Our culture and values guide us in everything we do and help us make a positive and sustainable impact with all stakeholders.

Diverse client base

XPS serves a diverse range of clients, including large corporate schemes, public sector funds, smaller pension arrangements and other financial institutions.

Strong brand

Our strong award-winning brand sets us apart from our competitors and communicates our values and brand promise
as well as building client trust and loyalty.

How we create value


• Actuarial advice
• Investment strategy
• Insurance consulting
• Risk management
• Regulatory compliance
• Governance support


• Private sector
• Public sector
• Regulatory compliance
• Self Invested Pensions
• Master trust administration

Value for all stakeholders



  • Specialist insight and expertise leading to better outcomes for all stakeholders

  • High-quality service and tailored solutions

  • Value for money


Our People

  • Stimulating working environment and attractive career prospects

  • First-class training and support towards professional qualifications

  • Competitive remuneration and benefits



  • Track record of growing revenues, profits and dividends – more than £91 million paid in dividends since listing in 2017

  • Non-cyclical demand for services

  • Highly predictable revenues

  • Strong cash generation


Community and environment

  • Positive impact on communities through supporting local and national charities

  • Open and fair relationships with regulators and suppliers through regular engagement

  • Carbon neutral across Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and on the path to net zero