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Complex member communications can be a barrier to members joining and valuing their schemes.

With so many communications full of jargon and complex terms, members can find it difficult to understand their pension scheme. Those with disabilities may be unable to access the content and others may feel excluded by non-inclusive language.

We’re tackling these issues head on with XPS Syntax, driving the industry to simplify member communications and improve member engagement. Developed by our software engineers and specialist communication experts, XPS Syntax tests how well your communications are performing in terms of readability and accessibility.

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XPS Syntax is fantastic. It's an innovative and powerful tool that uses data analytics to digest any pensions communications and create an independent view of its quality - great to see this kind of innovation and I hope to see it benefit members by raising the standard of pensions communications across the industry

Oliver Payne, International Pensions and Data Analytics Manager, Ford Motor Company Ltd

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Clear, simple language is critical in helping everyday people to make the right choices on their retirement savings. Jargon gets in the way but so do unnecessarily long-winded communications. XPS Syntax helps schemes to have a better understanding of how simple their communications are – and help them make a positive difference for their members.

Ruston Smith
Independent Review

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