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We think and act differently.

XPS Group is the only publicly quoted consultancy listed on the London Stock Exchange that provides consulting and administration services to UK pensions schemes and insurance companies in the life and bulk annuities sector.

We advise on all things workplace pensions related. We also provide wider ranging support to insurance companies in the life and bulk annuities sector.


pension scheme clients

One Million+

members under administration


locations across the UK


of clients agree we are collaborative in our approach and enjoy working with us

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We deliver a multi award-winning, full-service offering to trustees and sponsors of defined benefit and defined contribution schemes that is focused on one thing – a clear purpose to ensure better long-term outcomes for pension schemes to protect their members and benefit society.

We provide insight, opinion and guidance to shape and support safe, robust and well-understood pension schemes, whilst at the same time challenging industry norms.

We think “member first”. We act with integrity and deliver our expertise with agility, responding quickly as the world around our clients and our people shifts.

We also provide wider ranging support to insurance companies in the life and bulk annuities sector.

What we do


Our Client Insight Survey 2022

Our latest client insight survey was conducted by an independent research company. The results are from across all our service areas and represent a mixture of corporate and trustee views.

 See full survey results here


agree XPS are collaborative in our approach and have created an environment in which our clients enjoy working with us


expressed satisfaction with the overall relationship…including more than 3 out of 4 who are very satisfied, extremely satisfied or delighted


say they would definitely recommend XPS or are at least likely to do so


pension advisory clients who have experience of other providers say we are slightly better or significantly better than others

Our mission

We strive to be leaders in consulting and administration with brilliant people and leading technology, delivering better outcomes for pension scheme members, offering unique support to insurance companies and bulk annuity providers and rewarding careers for our people.

Our vision

We will constantly challenge the pensions industry to improve and achieve better outcomes for members.

Our values

We are ambitious

XPS is an ambitious business. We’re aiming high to achieve our purpose of benefiting people and society. We have ambitious goals for our clients, our industry and ourselves. This means leading our industry in thought, action and opinion. It means we are progressive and think differently about pensions. We invite bold thinking and actions within our business, and we give each person the support they need to become their very best.

We are agile

We’re forward thinking, innovative and quick moving. When we see a better and more sustainable way to do something, we make change happen. We don’t just stick to the way things have always been done in our industry. We take a fresh look and find new ways of achieving the best outcomes for our clients while benefiting people and society.

We are helpful

We build and sustain great relationships with our clients and with each other. This means we’re always ready and willing to help out. Clients and colleagues know they can trust us. We listen and we are helpful. Ultimately, we aim to make people’s lives better and we play an active role across our industry and wider society to help achieve this. We work hard together, we support each other, and we have fun together.

We are expert

We know our stuff and we each bring something special to our collective knowledge. We make a point of cultivating our individual expertise and diversity of thought – and we use it, share it and support each other for the benefit of our clients and colleagues every single day. We understand the responsibilities that come with our skills and abilities, so we each put them to good use and build on them with constant learning.

We do the right thing

We’re inclusive, approachable, honest and fair, both with our clients and each other. We value everyone’s unique contribution, recognising and rewarding hard work. We act with integrity and honesty, speaking up if something doesn’t meet our standards. By following these values we’ll grow responsibly and sustainably, for everyone’s benefit.

Award winning

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Community spirit

In addition to the members of the schemes we look after, we are committed to the communities in which we operate, to our people who deliver for us and to the environment we all share.




We support and work in partnership with a variety of charities and organisations.




Our culture has our people at its heart: employee centric, inclusive, friendly and meritocratic. As part of our pledge to create a sense of “belonging” for our people we have become members of:

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Disability confident employer LGBT Great Corporate Member Menopause Friendly Employer

Our recent employee survey showed that 98% of our staff agree that XPS is a good company to work for.





Our XPS values drive everything we do, and we have developed them to ensure they are aligned to our commitments to sustainability. We are carbon neutral across the entire value chain, and we are working on reducing our direct carbon footprint.