Our approach

Doing the right thing is extremely important to us. We are committed to acting ethically and responsibly and have a strong framework centred on our values.

How sustainability is managed at XPS

Our sustainability committee, chaired by non-executive director Sarah Ing, supports the board with considering, reviewing and driving initiatives for matters related to ESG that have a material impact on business strategy and business performance. Its role is not only to demonstrate good governance but to integrate both business and sustainability priorities so that the company can thrive.

Why sustainability matters to XPS

β€œThe world has changed dramatically in the last two years and this is not just as a result of Covid-19. Although Covid-19 will undoubtedly have an impact for many years to come, there is also more emphasis on all aspects of ESG whether it is diversity and inclusion, increased use of technology and associated risks or climate change and scarcity of resources. The implications are broad and varied, and they present us with both tremendous opportunities as well as risks to mitigate.

Our Sustainability Framework builds on the good work we have been doing for some time but also focuses our efforts on the above areas where we are rightly expected to do more.

In my view, taking responsibility for how we operate is very important, both for today and how we can have a positive impact in the future on our environment and broader society.”

Snehal Shah

Chief Financial Officer