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Our strategy

Our strategic priorities

Delivering our purpose and growing profitably. 

Our strategy has been designed to deliver our societal purpose – to shape and support safe, robust and well-understood pension schemes for the benefit of people and society – and at the same time achieve profitable growth. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of our people, we have executed effectively on our strategy, which has created the scale and the agility to deliver best-in-class solutions to pension schemes of all sizes. We have the track record of providing thought leadership to the industry and regulators, and we have the proprietary technology and partners in place to achieve better outcomes for members and society as a whole.

Our strategy is based around four strategic pillars:

Regulatory change

Trustees, corporate sponsors and members of pension schemes all need ongoing advice and support to navigate the evolving regulatory environment. We see our role as not only a provider of solutions to help deal with change, but also as a contributor to the regulatory debate.

Expand services

Expansion of our services is not just centred around adding new solutions to our full-service offering but also increasing the number of services we provide to each of our clients as well as expanding into new markets. The growing overlap between the pensions and insurance industries is a clear avenue of growth, one that can be captured by continually expanding our offering, leveraging technology and forging partnerships.

Grow market share

Winning mandates from pension schemes and sponsors with which we do not already have a relationship (“new logo” clients) represents a clear route to growing our market share. Increasingly we will also be looking to grow our share in the insurance consulting market.

Mergers and acquisitions

We are one of the largest mid-tier independent pensions services providers in the UK, but the market in which we operate is fragmented. By acquiring businesses, we can increase our scale and capabilities in specialist areas and in the process grow our market share.