XPS Pilots New Working Model

At XPS we recognise that we are all different, we all work in different ways and work best in different locations. Over 80% of our staff voted for more flexibility to combine home and office in the future and we have listened.  In responding to the global pandemic we have seen that remote working is possible and we believe that with the right working model, policies and procedures and investment in technology we can make our new hybrid model a real success. 

Subject to Government guidelines, we plan to trial a new way of working from August to the end of the calendar year that sees our staff being given the CHOICE to work from the office, from home or flexibly between the two locations.  Teams will work together to make these choices a success for team members and clients.

We will ask for feedback from staff and clients during the trial period so that we can refine our model before any decision is taken to roll out more permanently.

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