Training & Development

Your induction will provide you with all the information you need to quickly get to know about your role, your team and the wider business so that you feel fully integrated and ready to reach your full potential.

You will have regular catch-ups with your manager to discuss your objectives, performance and any additional support you may need. We also appreciate that our employees may wish to develop their careers in different ways so we provide a variety of different learning opportunities which fall into four broad categories:

We encourage and support individuals who wish to study for relevant professional and academic qualifications and to pursue continuous professional development. This includes Actuarial, Pensions Administration and Investment study opportunities amongst others.

These include internal and external development providing technical training, for example on the use of software packages and specialist training relating to the skills that employees require for their job.

Your development is something we work very hard on, with a mixture of internal and external training support to help you learn, grow and progress quickly.

Promotions are an important part of recognising progression in XPS including changes in personal contribution and responsibilities.

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At XPS we believe our people are our greatest asset and that we should invest in that asset. We also believe that all our employees have the potential to grow, both in their role and personally and we endeavour to provide opportunities to support this.