Training & Development

XPS offers an excellent study package to support employees as they study to become qualified actuaries. The package is flexible enough to meet individual requirements and includes:

  • Full payment of exam fees, study materials, tutorials, mock exams and all administration costs
  • Study leave one day per week to work towards the exams
  • Office study area and supportive colleagues including an exam mentoring program

As well as the study package, on joining XPS new graduates will be assigned a senior member of the team to act as their study mentor. The study mentor will provide support and guidance to the graduate as they work towards the Actuarial Profession’s WBS requirements. New graduates will also be assigned a “buddy” who will be a recent starter and who will help them to settle in to their new job and keep an eye on how they are getting on. They will be the first point of contact is an individual does have any difficulties.

In addition, your induction will provide you with all the information you need to quickly get to know about your role, your team and the wider business so that you feel fully integrated and ready to reach your full potential. You will have regular catch-ups with your manager to discuss your objectives, performance and any additional support you may need.

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