XPS Investment role in the Investment Consultants Sustainability Working Group

Investment Consultants Sustainability Working Group

ICSWG is a body of 17 investment consultant firms, all providing investment consulting services to UK asset owners. Its aim is to improve sustainable investment practices across the UK investment industry and seeks to do this by delivering to six commitments:

  1. Engage across a broad range of stakeholders, including asset owners, asset managers and regulators
  2. Seek investment outcomes which are genuinely sustainable and not treat sustainability as a tick box exercise
  3. Align with, and support, existing industry bodies and initiatives
  4. Support their respective clients who are too small to meaningfully engage with industry initiatives
  5. Create a guiding set of principles that indicate good practice with practical advice
  6. Be a body where regulators and other stakeholders can seek input when they need a view from investment consultants.

Member firms of the Investment Sustainability Working Group are:

Aon, Barnett Waddingham, bfinance, Buck, Cambridge Associates, Cardano, Hymans Robertson, ISIO, LCP, Mercer, MJ Hudson Allenbridge, Momentum, Redington, River and Mercantile, SEI, Willis Towers Watson, XPS Investment.