XPS Pensions Group partners with the Mental Health Foundation ahead of Mental Health Awareness Week

XPS Pensions Group (XPS) have partnered with the Mental Health Foundation as part of their Wellbeing Programme that focuses on the mental health as well as physical health of their colleagues, ensuring they stay well and feel supported.

Through their partnership, the Mental Health Foundation has provided the necessary education, training and tools required to offer support to staff and work towards reducing the stigma and discrimination around mental health in the workplace.

As part of their Wellbeing Programme and to raise awareness of mental health, XPS is organising a number of activities to coincide with Mental Health Awareness Week from 13 to 19 May 2019, these include:

  • Sharing Mental Health videos and educational content
  • Social media campaigns
  • Fundraising events such as wearing green to work, bake-off, curry and chat events and sales of green ribbons
  • Distribution of educational booklets to all staff on managing mental health
  • Continuing with their regular mental health blog to all members of staff
  • Promoting their Wellbeing and Employee Assistance Programme.

Ben Bramhall, Co-CEO at XPS Pensions Group said: “XPS Pensions Group is committed to ensuring our colleagues feel supported within the workplace, which includes mental and physical health issues as well as professional. As part our of Wellbeing Programme, we are delighted to have partnered with the Mental Health Foundation who are supporting us in providing Mental Health training across the Group, and will provide us with the foundations to continue helping colleagues and reduce the stigma around mental health in the workplace.”

Mark Rowland, CEO at Mental Health Foundation said: “As a charity, we focus on prevention in mental health – helping people, organisations and communities to protect and improve their mental health. We started Mental Health Awareness Week in 2001, and each year we set a theme, focusing on an area of mental health which people across the UK can connect with. For 2019, the theme is Body Image – How We Think and Feel About Our Bodies. Mental Health Awareness Week is also a time to raise the profile of mental health in business, promoting the green ribbon as an international symbol of awareness.

“Our partnership with XPS Pensions Group is another step forward, growing awareness of mental health as crucial to business success - reducing the current stigma and discrimination often seen towards mental health issues in the workplace. We’re delighted to be working with the business to develop its mental health programme, and grateful for the support staff are showing for fundraising efforts to support our wider work.”