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XPS wins two prestigious awards at UK Employee Experience Awards 2020

XPS wins two prestigious awards at UK Employee Experience Awards 2020

21 Sep 2020

XPS Pensions Group has been awarded Gold in the Employee Engagement category and Silver in the Employee-Centric Company category at the 2020 UK Employee Experience Awards.

The judges were looking for outstanding initiatives that have improved the world of work, leading to happier employees, better customer experience and better commercial results. The awards celebrate client-focused companies that are great places to work.

Paul Cuff, Co-chief Executive said:

‘We are immensely proud of these awards. We truly believe in doing the right thing, and over the last few months there have been so many examples of our people doing incredible things to look after each other and our clients. Thank you to everyone in XPS for making this a great place to work.”

Some of the key elements that made XPS stand out were how we have developed our culture and values, how we have embedded these into everything we do and how we collectively celebrate them.  The judges were particularly impressed by the true stories of how we do what we do and the work we have done to respond to the COVID crisis.  The judges were impressed that we had such a strong framework to look after each other and were able to respond so quickly to do the right thing for clients, investors and employees.

86% of employees said XPS Pensions Group was a good place to work and 94% of our clients stated they were happy and would recommend us.

We believe in doing the right thing for our people and clients and wish to thank everyone in XPS Pensions Group for their collective commitment to making us a great place to work.

We would also like to thank Emperor, our external advisers who helped us develop our vision and values.

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