XPS Investment helps trustees and sponsors appoint, monitor and review their pension scheme’s fiduciary manager.  This is a truly independent service, as XPS and its group companies do not offer fiduciary management solutions to its clients.

Our aim is to help trustees understand the complexity of fiduciary management and to add value to the appointment throughout.

We can work with schemes of any size and provide advice on both full and partial fiduciary appointments.  We assist trustees and sponsors in the following areas:

  • Education and training on fiduciary management
  • Selection and appointment of a fiduciary manager – we will guide you through each of the steps necessary to choose from a broad range a managers and ensure you select the right one for your scheme
  • Ongoing monitoring – we independently evaluate the performance of the fiduciary manager and help trustees understand where the fiduciary manager is adding value and where improvements can be made
  • One-off reviews – we provide one-off health checks of fiduciary mandates
  • Fee benchmarking – we can help trustees understand the fees they are paying and if they still remain appropriate
  • Due diligence report - we provide an impartial view on your fiduciary manager’s team, operations and processes

The XPS Investment Fiduciary Management Oversight team is one of the largest in the industry, providing detailed research across all UK fiduciary managers and is able to draw on both our first-hand experience of fiduciary management and the expertise across the wider investment and actuarial businesses.

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