Our interactive graph allows you to monitor the funding position of UK defined benefit (DB) pension schemes on a long-term target basis thereby enabling you to see how your scheme’s long-term funding compares to the wider pensions landscape.

The graph below shows the estimated aggregate funding position of UK DB pension schemes on a long-term target basis since March 2019 and allows you to customise the chart by either selecting ‘Assets & Liabilities’ or ‘Surplus (Deficit)’ and varying the time period. If you wish to focus on a certain time period, simply move either end of the time bar at the top of the graph to isolate your view or click on either the start or end date and use the calendar function. Hovering over a point on a line will provide the funding information for that date.

Source: XPS Pensions Group. The data in the charts above incorporate data from The Pensions Regulator, the PPF 7800 Index and the XPS data pool.

Notes: The assumptions used in the UK:DB long-term target basis include a discount interest rate of gilt yields plus 0.5%

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