XPS Risk Transfer TV 

In our series, XPS Risk Transfer TV, members of our XPS bulk annuity team are in conversation with leading insurers to highlight key factors driving activities, examine trends and to provide their tips for trustees and corporate sponsors looking at the options available.

Episode 11 - PTL's views on the buyout market, pricing and some pointers for trustees considering a transaction 

Episode 10 - On Rothesay's approach to bulk annuity deferred pricing

Episode 9 - On the Independent Trustee Services' (ITS) key elements to ensure a successful bulk annuity transaction

Episode 8 - On the The Pension SuperFund's target market and pricing

Episode 7- On how Clara's model works, what it means for members and which schemes it is most appropriate for

Episode 6 - Just's views about bulk annuities and their approach to the market

Episode 5 - Legal and General's view about alternatives to bulk annuities and buyouts  

Episode 4 - Legal and General's perspective on the bulk annuity market

Episode 3Aviva’s perspective on the bulk annuity market

Episode 2 - Pension Insurance Corporation analyse trends in longevity

Episode 1 Pension Insurance Corporation’s perspective on the bulk annuity market