Reporting on your pension scheme obligations is an important and usually significant part of your corporate accounting process.

We work closely with you so that we know what is important to you and tailor our advice to your circumstances. We keep up to date with the latest audit trends and market developments to ensure that you are able to fully plan in advance and avoid nasty surprises.

Our services cover all your pension accounting needs, including:

  • Advice on the accounting impact of one-off events – such as scheme changes, risk transfers and employer actions (eg. redundancy exercises or corporate transactions).
  • Advice to Directors on actuarial assumptions, including benchmarking services. Setting the assumptions is a critical part of the accounting process so we ensure we spend sufficient time with you to help you position your assumptions in line with your beliefs.
  • Preparing disclosures under a range of local and international accounting standards, including IAS19, FRS 102 and ASC 715 (US GAAP).
  • Projections and ongoing monitoring of accounting positions – helping you to forecast and plan effectively.
  • Supporting you in responding to auditor queries including proactively engaging with auditors on accounting treatments, where required.
  • Preparation of Directors’ disclosures.

We carry out an annual survey on accounting assumptions adopted by our clients reporting at 31 December, as well as providing updates on current accounting developments and trends. In this year’s survey we commented on the “Accounting Gap”, reflecting the difference between accounting and funding for pensions, which is only expected to widen following the introduction of Long Term Funding Targets.