Portfolio construction involves the selection of asset classes and investment managers that meet the return and risk targets. The aim is to reach your end-game target with a high degree of certainty in a wide range of economic scenarios.

Firstly we’ll determine the parameters/philosophy we’ll use to design the portfolio. We want to understand your views but our preference is to build a portfolio that:

  • Gains exposure to genuinely diversified sources of return
  • Uses passive management to cost-effectively access market exposure where possible
  • Avoids the cost and complexity of using of an excessive number of managers
  • Avoids conflicts of an adviser using their own products, which we don’t do

We’ll then incorporate this into the portfolio design:

  1. Determine the ultimate end-game portfolio, what we’re building towards
  2. The initial portfolio (recognising the long-term “target”)
  3. How the initial portfolio evolves over time

Finally we will advise you on how to transition the portfolio through the journey potentially using triggers based on funding level, yields or other market conditions.

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