Pragmatic advice delivering successful outcomes for clients

We provide pragmatic advice that addresses the specific and often complex challenges faced by UK pension schemes and their corporate sponsors:

  • Assessing and monitoring where your scheme is now and helping clients shape and deliver medium and long-term objectives
  • Setting appropriate targets consistent with the range of pension scheme risks, from technical provisions and self sufficiency to buy-ins and buy-outs
  • Delivering innovative and practical approaches to managing scheme funding, covenant and investment risks
  • Helping clients understand and react to Government legislative changes and regulatory developments
  • Supporting in relation to scheme governance through to advice on member options

Our approach is to remove jargon and provide clients with access to the latest technology, such as Radar, so that they can monitor scheme funding in real time, test scenarios and manage the range of pension scheme risks they face. The result is that our clients can make the best decisions and act quickly and efficiently.

We do not adopt off-the-shelf solutions or provide advice based on prescribed house views. Our local teams, across our 15 locations, always tailor their advice to meet the needs of the individual client.

For more information on the activity we undertake to help plan towards your end-game target take a look at our Journey Planning process.

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