At the heart of every scheme is the promise to provide benefits to members. Following the introduction of freedom and choice, members are opting to take their benefits in a variety of ways; it is important for trustees and employers to support and allow members to take their benefits in the form they choose.

How we can help;

Pension Scam avoidance with over 1 in 8 transfers resulting in a pension scam our experienced team will also look for the tell-tale signs of scams when members are transferring out of schemes and, if necessary, alert the trustees.

Member tracing and existence checking - you can’t engage with your members if you don’t know where they are or whether they are still entitled to benefits within the scheme, This is an important first step to identify and locate ALL members, before embarking on an effective communication strategy whether existing or deferred or deceased.

Trivial commutation exercises enable members to convert small pots into a one-off cash lump sum, which they often value over a stream of small payments.

Retirement planning seminars with greater freedom comes greater responsibility for supporting members’ decision making. Members will increasingly look to their employers and trustees to provide cost-effective support.


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Mark Barlow

Head of Member Options

T:  0113 284 8001