Pension schemes today come with a number of complex moving parts which require external support. Whether you are a trustee or a sponsor, you have a clear set of responsibilities to look after the long-term health of your pension scheme – to ensure that members have the best chance of receiving their benefits.

Both companies and trustees require help to manage the risk of their pension scheme offering - whether that's mitigating interest-rate and inflation exposure or managing the relationship with an increasingly interventionist regulator. Our advice supported by interactive technology Radar can help Trustees and Companies create 'what- if' scenarios, modelling potential outcomes that can inform collaborative and cost effective decision making.

Whether it’s the day to day management of the scheme, helping set your strategy by looking at long term objectives, or something more specific like managing longevity risk or engaging your members, our specialist teams will help to set the goals and the necessary steps to achieve your objectives.

Current employees also need good quality pension provision. That means making sure the right DC strategy is in place to ensure members have the best chance of a good retirement. Members today demand more flexibility so companies must ensure they can support members appropriately, communicate clearly and engage effectively.

We are 100% focused on UK pensions; this means we can help you with every aspect of your pension provision. We combine the latest technology with unrivaled experience to help you make the best decisions for your members.

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