Members are at the heart of all pension schemes and it is fundamentally important that they understand their benefits and are given the right tools to enable them to make the important decisions that are right for them. As more members take advantage of pension flexibilities, it is important for trustees and employers to provide effective communications throughout the pre-retirement journey, on top of ‘traditional’ scheme communications such as newsletters, benefit statements and retirement quotes.

XPS are able to develop and implement bespoke communications strategies that deliver sustained improvement in member engagement levels, using targeted and personalised communications across a range of media. Our specialist Member Engagement Hub can also help with:

Member tracing and existence checking – ensuring engagement with your members

Trivial commutation exercises enabling members to convert small pots into a one-off cash lump sum, which they often value over a stream of small payments.

Retirement planning seminars, members will increasingly look to their employers and trustees to provide cost-effective support.

Pension Scam avoidance with over 1 in 8 transfers resulting in a pension scam our experienced team have helped over 120 schemes so far. We look for the tell-tale signs of scams when members are transferring out of schemes and, if necessary, alert the trustees.

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